Navigating the Gym

Navigating the Gym

Bellin Health Bellevue Fitness Center, 3263 Eaton Rd.

Group fitness classes and elliptical machines are a great way to work out, but what if you want to branch out and explore the gym equipment floor solo? Gym floors can be REALLY intimidating – especially when you’ve got The Hulk and Superwoman lifting next to you — but have no fear, we’re here to help!

In this Bellin personal trainer-led event, we’ll walk you through gym etiquette and equipment floor layout before breaking into groups for a 40-minute workout session using the equipment you’ve just learned about. This event is for ALL ages and fitness levels, whether you’re new to the gym, returning after some time off or a regular gym-goer looking to broaden your fitness horizons.

Be sure to come dressed to move and get your sweat on! Those who attend will get some great fitness center offerings, so don’t miss out.

You must be a Bellin for Women member to attend this event — and lucky you, registration is free! Go to to sign up today

Registration for this event is also required.  You can do that here or by calling: 920.445.7373 or 888.758.7373