MonaLisa Touch Open House (7-8:30p)

MonaLisa Touch Open House (7-8:30p)

Bellin Health Generations - 2641 Development Dr, Green Bay

Vaginal health.  Let’s talk about it!  Vaginal dryness and itching, painful intercourse, and all the other not-so-fun side effects of menopause sound all-too familiar?  You’re not alone as this affects millions of women, but now there’s something you CAN do for relief.  The MonaLisa Touch laser is simple and safe and delivers a pain-free treatment that takes less than 5 minutes.  This treatment delivers both immediate and long-lasting relief – and it’s medically proven to work!

Patients are calling this new treatment “life-changing” so bring your spouse and join us to learn more about the MonaLisa Touch from Dr. Herbert Coussons, Bellin Health OB/GYN, and become one of those women whose life is changed.

Seating is very limited so registration is required.  You can do that here or by calling (920) 445-7373 or (888) 758-7373.

***NOTE*** this registration link is for the 7-8:30 p.m. session ONLY